my portfolio

In the fiscal sense, a portfolio is a collection of financial investments. In design, a portfolio is a collection of images that offer an insight into my aesthetics as a designer. This portfolio presents my work and gives you a peek into my personality and design sensibilities.

Here, I have curated a collection of images for your consideration. I hope they will serve as an introduction to me – and perhaps as a starting point as we begin.  

What’s your style? Time and again, that’s a question I am asked. My reply is always the same: It doesn’t matter what my style is. Defining yours is our goal.

Great design is the result of balancing and knowing the elements of design itself: form, scale, color, texture, pattern and light. Whether your taste leans to traditional, modern or contemporary, the same elements apply. It’s my job to find and curate furnishings that will define your space, your home exactly as you like. 

My education stems from not only the academic study of design, but also from hours of on-the-job training and experience, including more than 10 years in well-known firms in New York City. I find ideas everywhere. Traveling provides an endless source of inspiration. Walks to, and in, the park. Patterns on people’s clothes, broken sidewalks and colorful billboards. Visits to homes and museums. I am equally respectful and appreciate of design, wherever I find it. As well, I appreciate and honor your vision of how you want your home to evolve.

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