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The services I offer at Johanna Barger Design (JBD) are numerous, but as each client is different, each project requires a unique set of services. The one constant is my goal to help you create a home that is at once all you want it to be. In a general sense, I categorize my services as: 

  •   implementing unique design strategies as well as furniture and decorative selections for your project; 

  •   working by your side to coordinate the many aspects critical for building a new home or renovating an existing one; and

  •   guiding you to discover art and artists you love and want to have in your home.

However, there are many facets to each of these categories. Each client has different needs and I tailor my thinking exclusively for each person’s project. Some design firms describe this as being full-service. While JBD is certainly full service, I prefer to portray my firm as discovering and providing exactly what you need when you need it.