is a process

It starts with a promise from you and from me, that working together, we will envision and create a home that is ideal for you and all who sit by your side. 


We will start with the basics – thoughts, ideas, wishes, dreams. We will consider needs and preferences. We will paint a clear picture, considering the elements of design. We will be honest, authentic and we will address issues that will work for your unique lifestyle. The onus is on me to listen and on you to tell me about your life and what home means to you.

We will begin simply, thinking in black and white, ignoring distractions. Then, as our vision emerges, we will add the colors and the patterns, fabrics and furnishings that combine to provide you a thoughtfully curated environment that refreshes and welcomes every day.

As we work together, we will select and consider. We will mix special pieces you have as well incorporate new purchases. We will consider how you live, what works and what does not.

As we proceed, it will be essential that you and I work as a team, not only with each other but also with others whose expertise and knowledge will enhance and influence our decisions. 

We will embrace the adrenaline that comes from ideas and collaboration. We will give ourselves the right to imagine your environment from a new perspective. Part of my job is to challenge you, to bring new ideas to the forefront. While you and I may sometimes be of differing opinions, we will always come to a conclusion that’s the best choice.

And finally, when the decisions are made and the plan is in place, it will be my greatest pleasure to hear you say - this feels good to me.