How do we start

We begin with learning about one another. A conversation in person or by phone. You describe your project and I listen. I tell you about myself, my work and my experience. Once we are in harmony and know we will be a good collaborative fit, we move forward and I will send you a proposal with fees plainly defined. With a signed contract in hand, we begin. 


The work begins with discovery, which includes gathering of information in various ways. A site visit is essential. Also, I will bring in trades people to get specifics about your space. Questions are asked and answered during this phase.

Then the actual design work begins behind the scene, in my offices. Here, I will consider what your project will entail to be certain to achieve your end goal. Schematics, directions, mood and all phases of the work will be considered in preparation for our first meeting.

When we sit together for the first look at ideas, I will present an overall mood for your project, including inspirations, initial furniture plans, elevations and more. This will be broad a broad idea of the direction of the design and how I envision your best space. 

This first step is not about details or specifics, this is about concept and how we achieve your ideal space. We will talk about my ideas – what you like and if you see things differently. Back and forth, we will collaborate. This meeting will provide you with the assurance that we are in agreement and will provide me with critical feedback as we proceed forward.


DESIGN DEVELOPMENT: During this phase, you might think that I am missing in action, rest assured this is, for me, the busiest part of the design. It is the analytical phase, where I filter all our discussions into one cohesive, comfortable and beautiful plan that reflects your design aesthetics and needs of your home. 

Behind the scenes, my team and I will be developing the design and narrowing options for everything from fabrics to furniture to utilization of your space. We are preparing for our next meeting where you will be presented with a big-picture plan for your space and specific discussions will begin.

Meetings two and three will be highly collaborative. We will make revisions to furniture plans. We will discuss elevations. You will enjoy design presentations of materials, colors and suggested furniture.

As well, we will review the initial estimated budget. Finally, we will finalize the design and review the budget based on the selections you make.

PURCHASING ADMINISTRATION: This segment of the design process is frequently glossed over. However, it is critical and involves careful scrutiny and thorough review of the details to be certain that every element is exactly as we discussed.

I have created a step-by-step process to be certain that we are in agreement. First, I will prepare a proposal packet, which includes details of each part of the process, from exact furniture selections to listing of work that the trades people will do to pricing for every element of your project. Items that to be handcrafted will be shown in detail. This packet will be submitted for approval and (partial?) payment.

Once approved and payment is received, I will place the orders with the vendors. From here, I will manage production and logistics, including custom details, workroom visits, shop drawings, sample approval and more. 

To be certain that items are as expected and in perfect condition, each purchase will be shipped to a receiving warehouse where items are inspected for any type of damage or irregularity. When most all purchases are in hand, we will be able to begin the next phase.

INSTALLATION: This is where we begin to realize all our work. Decorating treatments, such as wall coverings, painting, window treatments and the like, are scheduled and installed. Furniture, art and accessories begin to arrive at your home and I will be there to be certain they are correctly placed. A final styling will provide the perfect finishing touches that will make your home exactly as envisioned. Lastly, if you are agreeable, I would love to bring a professional to photograph your home and capture the work that you and I created.


Finally, we are finished. And it will be my delight and joy to see you and those who sit by your side at home – comfortably, beautifully at home in spaces that you and I worked together to create.